Petrified Design is an Austin, Texas design + build company focusing on furniture, fabrication and residential and commercial projects. We believe in thoughtfully designed and well-executed products that are made to last.

Every piece of furniture, custom installation and project is thoughtfully crafted by a small team of designers, woodworkers, welders, and craftsmen. The Petrified Design furniture and home accessory lines boast beautiful natural woods, metals and bright pops of color.

The Petrified Design team also creates unique custom pieces for residential and commercial clients; everything from furniture to larger build-outs and installations.

About Tyson Pendergrass (co-founder).

Tyson grew up in a hard-working family in West Texas and has always enjoyed working with his hands. Post-college, he and co-founder of Petrified Design, Gable Bostic, took a chance at creating a furniture company and moved to Austin in 2011 to make it happen. Nine years later Tyson is still creating, fabricating and designing furniture, building out residential and commercial spaces, and focusing on high-quality results. Outside of the shop, you can find Tyson spending time outdoors with his family and friends, mountain biking or playing sandlot baseball.